University of Miami Scholarships for International Students in USA

Deadline: January 1 

Scholarship in USA

Scholarship for Undergraduate Program / Bachelor Degree  Scholarship 

This is an undergraduate scholarship program organized by University of Miami. University of Miami is a research oriented university located in United States. For undergraduate degree programs, University of Miami is very reputed. The alumni profile of University of Miami shows that they are in very high position and some of them are world famous. So, if you want to study in United States, University of Miami is not a bad choice. Moreover, the scholarship this university offers is very attractive.

Amount of Scholarship:

University of Miami Scholarships for International Students in USA is a collection of three different scholarship programs. They are:

  1. President’s Scholarship: $18,000 – $28,000 annually
  2. Canes Achievement Award: $5,000 – $16,000 annually
  3. Premier Academic Scholarships: This scholarship offers multiple benefits. The benefits are:

-Full free tuition fee

-Living allowance and

-Travel allowance

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, applicant must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Must be admitted to University of Miami
  2. Must be an international student
  3. Student must demonstrate good academic background
  4. Extracurricular activities is a bonus

If a student meet the above eligibility criteria, he / she can apply for this scholarship.


How to Apply for this Scholarship?

Students are automatically considered for the President’s Scholarships when they apply for admission to the University.

If you are an international transfer student, visit here for more information.

  • Complete the Application: Complete and submit the Common Application online.
  • Send Official Transcripts: All applicants who have attended a secondary school outside of the United States must submit their official secondary documents (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates, examination results, etc.) to Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., International Education Consultant for an evaluation.
  • Send Official Test Scores: Applicants currently studying within the U.S. Students graduating from a high school in the United States are required to submit SAT or ACT scores.
  • Complete the School Report: The School Report should be completed by the applicant’s high school guidance counselor and can be found on the Common Application website. It is typically submitted along with the applicant’s high school transcript and a school profile.
  • Letter of Recommendation/Teacher Evaluation: University requires a letter of recommendation from your high school guidance counselor. An additional Teacher Evaluation/letter of recommendation is also required and can be submitted online through the Common Application’s Teacher Evaluation form or mailed to

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