Scholarship Application for 2024/2025

These are the scholarship to apply in this 2024 / 2025. That means these scholarships’ deadlines are in2024. However, the award can be awarded either in 2019 or 2020. If you are ready to apply for scholarship, we suggest you to look for here. There are scholarships for undergraduate degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. You will also find scholarship for postdoctoral research as well. The scholarships here have been organized deadline wise. That means, the scholarship which deadline is close, that will be shown at the first.

Scholarship Application for 2025/2026

If you need more time to apply for scholarship, you can look for here. Scholarships whose deadlines are in 2025 / 2026 are here. We have gathered world’s top scholarships so that you can apply for scholarship easily. Sometimes students need some time to apply for scholarships. That is why we have prepared this scholarship section where scholarship seekers will find scholarship opportunities to apply in 2025 / 2026. We hope it will help scholarship seekers to apply for scholarships easily.