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Deadline: Jan 15

Scholarship in Australia

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The American Australian Association (AAA) is pleased to announce the “EDU United States to Australia Fellowships Program”. In order to apply, the applicants must be US citizens or US permanent residents who are doing research or study at the graduate level or post graduate level (Masters, Ph.D., post-doctoral).

Applicants may already be in Australia.The Association awards Fellowships each year up to US$30,000-US$40,000 for US scholars who are undertaking advanced research or study in Australia. Fellowships are available for Americans who will benefit from doing research or study in the fields of life sciences, medicine, engineering or mining.

The American Australian Association was established by Sir Keith Murdoch in New York City in 1948 to promote cooperation and understanding between the United States and Australia.  For nearly 70 years, it has provided an important forum for exchange between political and business leaders across the United States and Australia. The Association’s purpose is to broaden, strengthen and encourage ties across the Pacific through corporate, educational, economic, artistic and cultural activities and people to people exchange.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

  • Study Level-Graduate or post graduate
  • Enrollment-Acceptance or affiliation to an Australian educational institution for full-time study or research
  • Citizenship-US citizen or permanent resident of US
  • Fields of Study Supported- Bio photonics, Marine Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Sciences, Mathematics, Sustainability, and Medicine.There is particular interest in the fields of oceanography/marine sciences & stem cell research.
  • Applicants must explain why being in the Australia/ the US is important to their research or study.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

 To apply, the applicant can submit online application that will be opened on August 30, 2017, on the given link:

Financial Aid and Award Money:

  • Fellowships are granted for up to US$30,000-US$40,000, the intent is to support part of the costs for 1 year of study in Australia.
  • Selected Fellows have to start the Fellowship within 12 months of the date they sign the acceptance letter.
  • Fellowships must be for a minimum of 3 months, a maximum of 1 year.

Link for More Information:


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